About Us


Windsor Islamic High School’s Course Calendar 2017-2018 has been produced to provide students and parents with information about the courses and their brief description being offered for Grade 9 and 10 students at WIHS and other related information, the structure of the school program, school routines and requirements and the academic and social responsibilities of students.

Every student in Ontario must stay in school until the age of eighteen, or until they have earned an Ontario Secondary School Diploma [OSSD]. Windsor Islamic High School’s goal is to facilitate our students’ educational journey. Windsor Islamic High School strives for excellence by ensuring that each of our students has a maximum opportunity to learn. This is accomplished by focusing on our established goals. We believe in creating a partnership between students, parents, and the school. We aim to develop a community of learners bound together by self-discipline and respect. We believe that our teachers are part of this community, and guide and assist the learning experience in a small class setting. Our students are expected to develop their potential as individuals and to become contributing, responsible members of society, who will think clearly, feel deeply, and act wisely in accordance with the teaching of Islam.