Important Announcements: Grade 9, 10 and 11 Classes Started! Still time to REGISTER. Admissions are open for grade 9, 10 and 11 for 2017-2018 session.

The Windsor Islamic High School was established in the year 2014 with an aim to produce well-educated Muslims able to face with dignity, pride and confidence, the challenges of modern life while preserving their Islamic identities. The school’s foundation is guided by the teachings of Islam in its general curriculum and daily practice. With Allah’s guidance and help, the school staff and administrators shall strive to attain and maintain the highest academic standards at all times and in all subject areas.

About Us

Windsor Islamic High School’s Course Calendar 2015-2016 has been produced to provide students and parents with information about the courses and their brief description being offered for Grade 9 and 10 students at WIHS and other related information, the structure of the school program, school routines and requirements and the academic and social responsibilities of students. 

Contact Us

 Contact Us:
5420 Empress St.
Windsor, OntarioN8T 2E7

(519) 948-4500

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